Goldenpap Kennels is located in Rancho Mirage California and is owned and operated by Myself, Michael Jardula and my partner Harvey Stern. We have lived in Southern California since 2002 and have been involved in the dog world for the past 28 yrs.  We had started breeding  Papillions in the early 1990’s and then took a hiatus for our careers until 2012.  We started once again with a Papillion and subsequently added another breed very dear to our hearts, Golden Retreivers.  We raised , trained, and completed championships in conformation in both our Papillion girls, Bella, Rachel and Victoria and our Golden Retriever girl, Phoebe, Vinnie, and our Boys, Bates, Baxter and Hamilton. After Bella’s completion of her championship, before the age of 2 with 3 majors and Group One as a Puppy, she went on to have 2 litters one year apart.  Two girls from the first litter are being actively shown in the conformation ring as is two of her girls from her second litter now just 6 months old.  Our Golden Retriever is just now 3 1/2 and after achieving Silver level Grandchampionship ( Number one Grandchampion Bitch in California and Number 16 in All Breeds) and multiple group placements , she was recently bred to a National Specialty winner and Nationally ranked sire and gave birth to 10 pups.  Our girls are our family and never spend time in crates or pens. We live on a large piece of property where are dogs are securely allowed to frolic and play. We strive to maintain as near to a perfect breed standard in all our breeding efforts and help maintain the genetic superiority that these beautiful animals were meant to perpetuate.

As an update, 4 puppies from Phoebe’s litter have gone on to finish their AKC championship , amazingly in the same show while competing against one another , both at 22 months of age. Three of the other litter mates are actively engaged in AKC competitions , well on their way to completing their own championships.